Africa Destinations For Your Next Safari Trip -

Africa Destinations For Your Next Safari Trip

Africa Destinations For Your Next Safari Trip

Who has not dreamed of experiencing a safari in the jungles of Africa? This massive continent boasts of exotic animals and rich cultural diversity. It has been an inspiration for many avid travelers and safari enthusiasts. Nevertheless, you might not be aware, but South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya alone have more than sixty national parks. And all of them come with varied wildlife species and terrain. With so many national parks, it might be challenging to decide on the perfect safari destination. But, have no worries at all. You can easily plan your expedition by going through the details of some beautiful national parks enumerated below:

Africa Destinations For Your Next Safari Trip
Africa Destinations For Your Next Safari Trip

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

This is one name that deserves special mention when it comes to choosing some cool safari destinations. Located in the southwest part of Kenya and very close to Tanzania, Maasai Mara is a premiere park that offers almost everything that you would want on a safari trip. The park accommodates more than 570 bird species and 95 mammal species. If you have long had this desire of seeing the Big Five, then this park should be your ultimate destination.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

This national park in Tanzania boasts of a pristine landscape dotted with roving herds and also flat-topped acacia. This swaying savannah is the epicenter of the Great Migration that generally takes place between June and July or January and February. This wildlife spectacle is well-known across the world for its accommodation of exclusive gazelles, zebras, and also wildebeests. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site that provides a similar kind of phenomenal sightings like the Maasai Mara. 

Africa Destinations For Your Next Safari Trip
Africa Destinations For Your Next Safari Trip

Etosha National Park, Namibia

This park in Namibia has gained a lot of recognition recently because of its rugged coastlines, stark beauty, and stunning landscapes. It is home to the tall elephants, cheetah, endangered black rhinoceros and the big cats of Africa. Exclusive scenes can be witnessed through self-drive safaris at this park. Upmarket camps and lodges fringe the boundaries of the park. One thing that you should not miss is the treetop camping opportunity because the treetop campsites offer panoramic views with an unparalleled sense of diffidence.  

Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

The Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa has made its way in this list of cool safari destinations because of the fabulous Big 5 game viewing. It is a leading private game reserve spread over an area of 63, 000 hectares. The reserves provide spectacular wildlife and game watching. It has gained a lot of popularity for the incredible encounters with a wide assortment of animals, specifically the Big 5. If you are looking to have a close sight of the elusive leopard, then this is the right destination for you.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Your African safari adventure cannot be complete without a visit to this old and also massive national park. The park houses different varieties of wildlife which include elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhino and lion- the Big Five. However, this is the place where you can also see the little five- elephant shrew, buffalo weaver, ant lion, rhino beetle, and leopard tortoise.

With a plethora of cool safari destinations, you can remain assured that you will have a big adventure tour.

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