African Safari: Tips For Your Trip -

African Safari: Tips For Your Trip

So, all set to verge out for your very first safari trip in Africa? You will have several questions, right? And you will also find several guides informing you when and where to go. However, prior to understanding where you need to put up, there are certain practical tips that you should have in mind. They will help you in preparing for your African safari, regardless of when and where you are going. Here are some tips that will help you in the long run:

African Safari: Tips For Your Trip
African Safari: Tips For Your Trip

Be Flexible And Open-Minded: African Safari

In Africa, every safari is exclusive and unpredictable. Hence, you should avoid stressing yourself with things that are out of your control. There are times when you will have great sights, and sometimes you would not be lucky enough.

In the same way, certain rides are long while the others are tough.  Therefore, you need to be prepared for thick and thin times. Be ready for the sin, the wind, the cold, and the warm. Also, be prepared for flies and mosquito encounters and rough rides. You will have to go through sand or gravel roads, cross rivers, stone fields, and bushes. All in all, tighten your belts for an adventurous experience.

African Safari: Tips For Your Trip
African Safari: Tips For Your Trip

Yelling Is A Big No!

Shhh! Remember, you are not visiting a zoo where the animals are domesticated. As a safari-goer, you will be visiting the animals in their habitat. Thus, your excitement will be overwhelming. You will have this urge of getting up and waving to the animals. But keep in mind that yelling is not allowed. As a human being, you are a guest in the homes of the animals, and therefore you need to behave. Also, come safari animals tend to be dangerous, and yelling might get you in trouble.

Choose Comfortable And Loose Clothing

Remain prepared for excessive sun exposure throughout your journey. Therefore, packing a sunscreen will minimize your chances of getting sunburnt. Remember, the sun in Africa is brutal. Also, do not forget polarized sunglass and a hat. Speaking of proper clothes, it is suggested to pack loose layered and comfortable clothing that offers complete sun protection. Pick clothes that you can wear several times. Khaki, green and olive are fine. Also, carry a windbreaker along with long pants for the chilly evenings and mornings. Hiking boots are sufficient for walking trips. Nevertheless, guided 4WD tours require sneakers and sports sandals.

Choose A Legitimate Safari Company

It will not work for you to book a cheap safari company. Yes, you can always get in touch with a few companies and go for negotiations. But always make it a point to go for professionals who know everything bit that they are doing. After all, you will need a knowledgeable guide for enjoying your trip. Your guide, if well informed and professional, will be the difference between witnessing the famous Big Five- elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo or not.

These tips will help you in making your African safari enjoyable and also entertaining. It is all about how diligent you are in coming up with the ultimate decision.

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