Best Places To Spend Africa Vacation In -

Best Places To Spend Africa Vacation In

Best Places To Spend Africa Vacation

Africa is a vast continent with more than 50 countries. You can observe a variety of regions, wildlife, and culture here. Due to its diverse nature, many people can’t decide where to go in Africa to spend their vacations. Selecting the destination earlier can help you to research about it. Hence, you can easily organize tickets, accommodation, and other essential things. It also helps you to choose the important destinations according to weather and other factors. In this article, we describe some of the best places to spend an Africa vacation.

Best Places To Spend Africa Vacation
Best Places To Spend Africa Vacation


It is famous for a special type of gorillas that is mountain gorillas. There are very few mountain gorillas left in this world and this place is among the three countries where you can observe them in the wild. The Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is one of the famous national parks. Here, you can find the Nyakagezi Gorilla family. They are so playful.

Kenya And Tanzania

Kenya and Tanzania are two different countries in Africa. However, many people visit both of them in a single trip. They are one of the best sites to visit in Africa. You can observe excellent wildlife migration among these countries. Even, you can see more than forty elephants in one herd, which is very uncommon to see in any other region of the world. You can also find Mount Kilimanjaro, which is one of the top hiking destinations in the world.

Zambia And Zimbabwe

In these countries, you can see the beauty of the biggest waterfalls named Victoria Falls. The rafting lovers can visit the Zambezi river for a fantastic experience. In Zambia, you can find some tremendous national parks for safaris, including the South Luangwa. You can observe the different looks of the Victorian falls from both of these countries.

Best Places To Spend Africa Vacation
Best Places To Spend Africa Vacation

Namibia For An Africa Vacation

In Namibia, you can find some of the biggest sand dunes in the world. Moreover, you can also ride hot air balloons to observe the amazing experience from the above. You can visit here at any moment of the year. However, it is a desert so you must take both warm and cold clothes along with you during your Africa vacation.

South Africa

In this place, you can observe some malaria-free safari zones. It is also touching the Indian Ocean at the border. Therefore, you can notice some of the Indian cultures here. The place is also famous for shark cage diving. Table Mountain can provide an outstanding experience for the hiking lovers. Some game reserves will offer you a better experience than ever.

Botswana To Spend Africa Vacation

The country has less crowded areas. Therefore, it can be some wonderful experience for peace lovers. Here, you can observe the wildlife from the very close. You can also find the Okavango Delta, which makes the landscape stunning.

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