Camps Of Wilderness Safaris You Must Visit -

Camps Of Wilderness Safaris You Must Visit

Wilderness Safaris Famous Camps

Founded in 1983, the camps of Wilderness Safaris are ecotourism operators in Africa. It operates seven countries’ tourism. The famous camps of Wilderness Safari also conserve and preserve the vast forests in large parts of Africa. Thes company believes that everything we do has some or the other purpose and its purpose is the conservancy of the forest. They have seven camps in the seven countries of Africa. Now, let us know more about these camps.

Famous Camps Of Wilderness Safaris You Must Visit
Camps Of Wilderness Safaris You Must Visit


This camp is located in the central part of South Africa. The country Botswana is in 950 meters above the sea level. The vast forest of Botswana is home to many flora and fauna. Okavango Delta and Kalahari forests are two best locations in this vast forest land. There are two types of premier camps named Abu and Jao. Also, there are classic camps and adventure camps. The camps are designed to provide the best possible accommodation to the tourists.


Interestingly, Kenya is home to the largest mammal. You will find it along with other animals in the Laikipia Plateau. Kenya is one of the most productive countries in Africa when it comes to agriculture. The river not only adds to the beauty of the country but also helps in the agriculture system and the wildlife conservancy.


Namibia has two desserts that are famous tourist spots. The country has many national parks and conservancies that make great adventure spots. The wildlife is vast and vivid in this place. The most exciting element is that the wildlife in this country has adapted to the extreme climate of the desert and other parts. Wilderness Safaris has two types of camps here: classic camps and adventure camps. These camps are mostly located in Damaraland and Desert Rhino.


Full of greenery, Rwanda is a rainforest. It is the best spot to see many animals, including mountain gorillas. There is a vast diversity in Rwanda’s natural resources. You will find mountains, rainforests, and valleys. Also, there are volcanoes and beautiful water bodies throughout the country. In Rwanda, you will find premier and classic camps located around the Blsate area. Excellent facilities are provided to make the tourists feel like home in these camps.

Famous Camps Of Wilderness Safaris You Must Visit
Camps Of Wilderness Safaris You Must Visit


Zambia is popularly known as the real Africa. It boasts vast forests with a superb all-round safari. Some of the iconic places to discover are the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River. This country has many camps and tourism spots in the Kafue National Park and the Victoria Falls area. Wilderness Safari has its camps in Shumba and Toka Leya areas.


The Hwange and Mana Pools National Parks and Victoria Falls make this country a must explore. The beautiful forests in Zimbabwe include many conservancies and national parks. One must visit Hwange, Makalolo, and Linkwasha for the fantastic spots. The Zambezi River is another spot that one should not miss. There are classic and adventure camps in Zimbabwe. These camps are small and intimate, perfect for safari. Most of the camps are located in Hwange and Mana Pools National Parks areas.

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