Fun Facts About Africa Tourism That You Must Know -

Fun Facts About Africa Tourism That You Must Know

Africa Tourism: Amazing Facts That You Must Know

Tourism is one of the most important economic activities in Africa. The continent is rich in landscapes, culture, and wildlife. Therefore, it attracts a lot of tourists each year for vacations. The World Tourism Organization has revealed that tourism in Africa will be more than double by 2030 as compared to now. Many African countries, including  South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia, attract a large number of tourists every year. Africa tourism has a peak growth in recent years.

Fun Facts About Africa Tourism That You Must Know
Fun Facts About Africa Tourism That You Must Know

Moreover, there are several factors that are responsible for this sudden tourism growth. Some countries like Tunisia and Morocco have beautiful beaches. Therefore, they attract tourists for the beach holidays. Egypt has a golden history, pyramids, artifacts, and Red Sea beaches. The safari tourists mostly visit South Africa and Kenya as they are rich in wildlife. Here, we provide some amazing facts about Africa Tourism.

The Industry Will Generate 30 Million New Jobs By 2028

There can be so many jobs generated by tourism and travel in Africa. The WTTC estimates these jobs nearly 30 million. However, some of the countries need to work on some factors for better tourism. These factors include greater airline connectivity and some visa reforms.

Cape Town Represents One-Fourth Of The Total Africa Tourism

The city is the legislative capital of South Africa. The town has diverse regions and beaches. The new restaurants and fantastic accommodation facilities attract millions of tourists every year. Therefore, a large number of people are working in this tourism industry. The city has the beautiful Table Mountain, which provides a stunning view from the top. Hence, this city makes South Africa one of the famous African destinations for tourists. The place also manages the water scarcity by reducing the consumption of water in recent years.

The Three Main Airport Hubs Are Based Outside

The continent faces some connectivity challenges due to airport hubs. Three of the main airport hubs used to travel Africa based in Dubai, Paris, and London. However, some countries are focusing on emerging hubs to solve this issue.

Fun Facts About Africa Tourism That You Must Know
Africa Tourism: Amazing Facts That You Must KnowFun Facts About Africa Tourism That You Must KnowAfrica Tourism: Amazing Facts That You Must Know

Wildlife Is The Key To Africa Tourism

There is a major role of wildlife to attract such a significant number of tourists. There are several national parks in the continent of Africa along with game reserves. Therefore, many people visit these regions to enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife. Safari tours are one of the most exciting attractions for visitors. However, research shows that we need to protect wildlife in some regions. In Uganda, there are only a few mountain gorillas left. Hence, some international organizations are taking big steps to ensure the security of wildlife.

The Tourism Workforce In Africa Are Mostly Women

The women also play a major role in expanding tourism in recent years. Many of the global travelers are also women. Hence, they act as both consumers and workers in the tourism industry. They are nearly 80 percent of the total workforce involved in this industry.

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