Africa- Priority In Africa, Is It Necessary? -

Africa- Priority In Africa, Is It Necessary?

Africa priority

Priority in Africa is defined as the order in which medical treatment will be performed. The doctors in a hospital are usually given priority over the students in an educational institution. This priority is sometimes based on ability or on the urgency of the medical problem, but it is more often based on an individual’s worth to society.

Africa- Priority In Africa, Is It Necessary?
Africa- Priority In Africa, Is It Necessary?

Another example of how priority in Africa is derived is when soldiers receive priority treatment. Soldiers, once wounded, can not receive treatment from regular doctors for weeks. The priority for these soldiers is generally to save their lives, not to fix their wounds.

Priority is not just for adults. In many African communities, older people have a higher status than younger ones.

Need For Priority In Africa

It is important to note that this need for priority in Africa goes beyond a formal hierarchy of the medical profession. There are many informal systems of ranking hospitals based on who can treat who quickly. This has been going on for many years in many African countries and has led to some very unfair and unjust treatment of patients.

As a good doctor, your priorities should include providing quick and effective treatment to your patients. This includes your ability to get a consultation done if you are feeling unwell, to diagnose and treat your patients, and to provide effective treatment to any illness.

Since so many people in Africa live in poverty, the doctor can be scarce, and it is unlikely that the patient will pay fora consultation without first seeing the doctor himself. In many cases, the hospital must pay for treatment for those who can afford it.

Priority is something that should be developed within the community itself. If someone does not receive treatment for an illness, it is fair to expect that it is not because he is too poor to pay for it. Rather, it is likely that his condition is worse than his money would allow.

Health Care System

An even greater priority for a health care system should be the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. HIV/AIDS is the most feared disease in the world, and it is not limited to people in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of death around the world.

The case for treating the sexually transmitted diseases at all is made by local health care professionals, and these same professionals need to be encouraged to perform their duties properly. There is little reason why they should not be given a greater priority in the eyes of the doctors’ assistants.

Africa- Priority In Africa, Is It Necessary?
Africa- Priority In Africa, Is It Necessary?

Priority is also important in political affairs. In many African nations, leaders of different ethnic groups are able to bribe their way into a position of power. Such bribery takes place under all political systems.

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